Chipper - Chip8 Emulator in Rust

Chipper is a Chip-8 emulator written in Rust. It uses SDL2 for rendering and Egui for the GUI. The source code and binaries can be found on GitHub.


Some time ago I wrote a series of posts on writing a chip8 emulator in C++. This is the Rust version of the same. The core is more or less a straight up port from the C++ version, so all the emulation features are the same.

The differences that do exist are:

  • The GUI has been replaced with Egui, which is a pure Rust implementation. It’s not as full featured as Dear Imgui yet.
  • No sound emulation. Some day. Maybe.
  • Far easier to build on multiple platforms thanks to Cargo.
  • I had to write an Egui backend to interface with SDL2 and OpenGL.
  • Had a lot more fun writing in Rust than C++. XD