Zero - ZX Spectrum Emulator

Zero is a ZX Spectrum emulator for Windows, written in C# and the .Net platform. It can emulate most of the popular ZX Spectrum models including the 48k, 128k, +3 and the Pentagon 128k. Its code is also open source and can be found on GitHub.


 Accurate Emulation
Zero seeks to accurately emulate the 48k and 128k machine models. It correctly emulates some of the demanding programs that required spot on contention timings, undocumented opcodes and whatnots. This includes demos like Shock Megademo and MDA and games like Paperboy, Aquaplane, Uridium, and even Simon Owen’s PacMan emulator for the +3 machine.

 AY Sound
Apart from the high quality beeper support for the 48k machine, Zero also emulates the 3 channel AY-3-8912 chip used on the 128k model. Support for AY is also available for the 48k and Pentagon models.

 Multiple window sizes
Zero supports multiple window sizes so as to provide the best viewing experience on your display. It also has full screen display for unbridled speccy goodness! If you have a wide screen monitor, Zero will automatically choose the correct aspect ratio for your display.

 Support for tape files and snapshots
Zero supports all the major tape formats like PZX, TZX, TAP and CSW. It also supports all the major snapshots like SZX, SNA and Z80. Disk support is provided for the +3 (DSK) and the  Pentagon 128k  (TRD & SCL). A virtual tape deck is provided to manage all the aspects of tape loading from within the emulator.

 A comprehensive debugger
Zero comes with a full featured debugger that supports step in/out, trace and log facilities. Information on flags, t-state, memory paging, register values, a memory viewer and the ability to set address breakpoints, port read/write breakpoints, etc  is also provided. Useful for dissecting the innards of a speccy program and disassembling its opcodes!

 Download programs from WoS archive
The Program Finder tool in Zero allows you to download games, documents and scans pertaining to a program, directly from the WoS archives from within the relative comforts of the emulator! That’s right. You don’t need to start up a web browser, navigate to Infoseek, download stuff, and then play it from within the emulator. Try it and see!

 POK file support
The Cheat Helper will allow you to enter pokes to your favourite games by simply loading up the corresponding POKE file. Download pokes from The Tipshop.

 Zip file support
Zero can handle .zip files, which means you don’t need to extract files from a .zip file in order to load them into the emulator.

 ULA Plus graphic mode
The ULA Plus is a special mode that allows the Spectrum to display up to 64 colours on the screen at once. See the ULA Plus site for more details.

Other features

  • Save Screenshots either in native .scr format or bmp, png, jpeg or gif.

  • Full support for RZX playback and recording with rollback.

  • Plug in your PC gamepad or joystick and Zero will emulate Kempston, Cursor and Sinclair joysticks.

  • Zero can emulate the popular Kempston mouse interface using your PC mouse.

  • Don’t have a PC gamepad/joystick? No worries! Zero can use the arrow keys and the CTRL key to emulate Kempston, Cursor and Sinclair joysticks.

  • Automatically save emulator state when quitting. Zero will restore the state when it boots up next.


The Windows binaries for the emulator can be found on the Release page on GitHub.